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Forbes Reveals List of World’s Highest Paid Actresses

NEwRkfgWz6bJzE_1_bForbes Magazine revealed the list of the world’s highest paid actresses for this year. Jenifer Lawrence leads the list this year with $1 million more than last year’s number one position holder Sandra Bullock. The Hunger Games star has moved up one position this year from last year’s second spot. Scarlett Johansson of the Avengers comes in second followed by Melissa McCarthy of Spy fame. New comers to this year’s list include Bingbing Fan of XMen: Days of Future Past fame and Amanda Seyfried. While other actresses like Meryl Streep, Sandra Bullock, Julia Roberts, Reese Witherspoon, Jenifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie continue to occupy this year’s list too with their revenue from several brand endorsements. Given below is an extract from this year’s list with the actresses and their revenues for the last year.
The 86th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals A6Jenifer Lawrence – $52,000,000
Scarlett Johansson $35,500,000
Melissa McCarthy $23,000,000
Bingbing Fan $21,000,000
Jennifer Aniston $16,500,000
Julia Roberts $16,000,000
Angelina Jolie $15,000,000
Reese Witherspoon $15,000,000
Anne Hathaway $12,000,000
Kristen Stewart $12,000,000
Cameron Diaz $11,000,000
Gwyneth Paltrow $9,000,000
Meryl Streep $8,000,000
Amanda Seyfried $8,000,000
Sandra Bullock $8,000,000
Emma Stone $6,500,000
Mila Kunis $6,500,000
Natalie Portman $6,000,000

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