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Shopping Trends of Consumers for the Holiday Season


Consumer sales still on a slump even as the holiday season begins. The sales of consumer goods especially auto products continued on a decline for the fourth month. Analysts had predicted a slight increase in the consumer sales for the months of October and November which is usually when holiday season shopping is at a peak. But the predictions turned out false with consumer sales still on a decline even this month.

supermarket_shopper-250x250The automobile sector is the sector to be hit the worst due to drop in consumer sales. It reported a growth of 1.4 percent for September and the sales for October dropped to 0.4 percent even with the motor manufacturers hopeful to exceed sales of September. Sales of consumer products excluding automobiles, gasoline and construction materials rose up by 0.1 percent compared to September. Sales at electronic stores fell by 0.4 percent and sales at clothing stores was stagnant with no significant increase or decrease of that of September. However, online stores reported an increase in sales by 0.4 percent. These trends are an indication of the way consumers shop during the holiday season.

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