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Pizza Delivery Guy Abducted and Forced to Handover Cash

The victim a pizza delivery guy from Memphis, Tennessee was abducted by three men at gun point as he was returning from delivering a pizza late yesterday evening. Three men forced the victim to handover all his cash at gunpoint. The victim had only $49 dollars of petty cash on him. The abductors then forced the victim to drive to a nearby bank and withdraw cash from his account using the ATM machine kept outside the bank premises. The victim was forced to withdraw $300 dollars. He was then forced to withdraw more cash using another ATM machine kept at a nearby convenience store. But the victim had reached his limit in his account. The abductors then abandoned the car and the victim and fled away.Police are carrying investigation and questioning witnesses to trace the abductors who were involved in this daredevil stunt. CCTV camera footage at the ATM show an indentified man forcing the victim to withdraw cash from the ATM. Police is hoping to use the video footage to nab the criminals.

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